Eight Ash Green Cricket Club News story

Net Zero News ... Scorecards, Sponsorship, Squelching

17 May 2024

Carshare Scorecards.  Congrats to Steve Nunn for kicking off the Carshare Scorecard programme last week. The 1sts scored a big SIX for taking only 5 cars to Brockley.   That means Steve and the 1s are in line for First Recruit and Top Team awards at end May.  They will have up to £100 to spend on sustainability or a sesh unless anyone else joins in!  To do your bit to save the planet, cricket and The Green just reply to this email or register at the Carbon Champions app.

Carbon Commitment.  Sponsor Neutral Territory will pay a minimum of £100 per month to the Carbon Champions project until December 2029.  This will be used to contribute to recurring offsets, capital projects and champion rewards.  How this is split will be decided by the EAGCC carbon champions themselves.  

Outfield Update.  Unlike most clubs that simply moan about the weather,  Eight Ash Green are doing something about an outfield that is still squelching and are adding Grounds Resilience to Pavilion Refurbishment and EV Charger Install projects.  Full details of how you can support our shopping list for sustainable action out next week.