Life Members

Life Members as of 2018


Life Members are members who have made an outstanding contribution to our club.  They are listed below with brief summaries of their contributions.   A board listing these was added to the clubhouse in our 2018, our Platinum Season.   

  Rex Beard  Rex Beard  (1967)

Founding Member, Chairman, President (two decades).  
David Kettle  David Kettle (1968)

Founding Member, Captain, Secretary.
   Reg Ralph Reg Ralph  (1971)

Founding Member, Captain, Colts Manager.
 George Porter George Porter  (1971)

Founding Member, Umpire, President. 
   Richard Lindsey Richard Lindsey  (1984)

Player Four Decades, Chairman, President.
  Keith Hammond  (1984)

Player Five Decades, Captain, Chairman.
  John Stonehouse  (1988)

Player Four Decades, Chairman, Groundsman, Bar Manager.
 Boo Robin (Boo) Cant (1990)

Player Four Decades, Clubhouse Builder & Minder.

   David Latta David Latta  (1999)

Player four decades, Captain, Groundsman, Chairman.
 DJM in his younger years ... David Merriday  (1999)

Player four decades, Secretary, Captain, Youth Chairman & Coach.
  Richard Parker  (2002)

Player Five Decades, Bar Manager, Chairman, Treasurer, Youth Chairman & Coach, President. 
 The Cliff Richard of local cricket! Colin Hammond   (2010)

Player Five Decades, Captain, Groundsman.
    Keith Steel  (2012)

Player Five Decades, Clubhouse Manager.
Neil Brindad (2014)

Player Four Decades, Club Secretary (25 years).
  Richard Polley  (2017)

Player Four Decades, Captain, Chairman. 
Paul Marston  (2017)

Player Five Decades, Captain, Treasurer.