Eight Ash Green Cricket Club News story

Net Zero News ... Recruiting Now!

27 Apr 2024

If you’re sitting looking out the window at another wet and windy lost weekend of sport, it’s worth remembering that ‘of all the major pitch sports, cricket will be the hardest hit by climate change’ (The Game Changer report, published by the Climate Coalition in 2018).  

Fortunately we can ALL do something about it.  The Green is a DECADE ahead of the rest and YOU can help take us even further ahead in the race to Carbon Net Zero.  Even better, YOU can help show other clubs, sports and communities how to do the same.  

After a decade of mainly ‘top down’ action at committee level, we’re recruiting players to become Carbon Champions and work from the ‘ground up’.  We have no fewer than twelve teams at The Green so need at least TWELVE champions.  

The more the merrier!  Unlike a lot of other ‘doom ‘n gloom’ approaches, Carbon Champions is FUN!  Why? Because you won’t do it if it’s not.  Fun > Skills > Winning means you’ll learn vital new green skills on the way to TAKING ACTION to fight climate change.

To express an interest please just ‘Reply’ to this email.  If you’ve run out of YouTube videos to pass the time away, have a look at the Green Initiative for a past events and our Action Plan for a glimpse of future ones.  Recruitment video on way next week when I've blurred the lens sufficiently! 

Rich Parker, Club Carbon Champion