Eight Ash Green Cricket Club News story

New Zero News ... Carbon Champions Is Back!

17 Apr 2024

The World's No 1 Carbon Balanced Cricket Club is back fighting climate change and we're kicking off our Carbon Champions 2024 programme this week with exciting new stuff!

  • NEW! Software for release next week (developer permitting, obvs)
  • NEW! Champion recruitment programme, minimum 1 per team
  • NEW! Reward scheme linking points to actions, trees and offsets
  • NEW! Sources of emissions including kit, clothing & cloud services
  • NEW! Online environmental management system (spoiler alert: it’s as dull as it sounds)
  • NEW! Weekly updates via social media

The Green is way ahead of the rest, but we still need to reduce our carbon emissions by 25% this year and every year to hit Carbon Net Zero in 2030.  Watch this space!