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07 Jun 2024

New Carshare Scorecards!

Congrats to Katie Suckling (pictured) with a 4 for away at Harwich and Matt Murray with a 4 for home against Abberton.  Thanks too to Sam C for submitting the pics on top of all the other things he does.  We need more Carbon Champions and It Could Be You.

New Media!

Apologies for this week’s late edition, We’ve been busy creating the exciting new Green Initiative video series!   Yes, we’re moving to new media and the results can be found at our Carbon Champions YouTube Channel.  Part 1 is the Boring Intro Bit which runs to a mind-numbing 10 minutes so watch at x2 speed makes sense.  Future issues will be 30 seconds to 2 mins max, promise.

New Online Learning

Knocking Climate Change For Six in the first attempt at a gamified, AI powered Carbon Champions learning platform.  Trialling starts next week and special rewards for anyone who takes part.  More news soon.