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Merry Christmas to everyone involved with EAGCC!


Without you the the Club wouldn't be where it is today!


Thank you


Here's to 2017!


21 Nov 2016 : AGM Minutes

The minutes from the AGM on Saturday can be found here:


18 Nov 2016 : AGM TOMORROW

Ladies, Gentlemen and Gingers

Do not forget that tomorrow at 10AM is the AGM.

It is so important that as many people turn up to express their thoughts.

If you don't go you cannot complain ever during the season as if you wanted to change something you would've turned up to the AGM...

If you cannot attend due to reasons (most likely in Portugal..) send in your thoughts about how the club is going/ any queries and they will be discussed.

We await your presence... 

16 Nov 2016 : 2016 Photos Posted + Help

If you haven't realized the website now has more pictures from the 2016 captioned and titled and you can find them here!!! Coolio!!

Thanks to the people who sent in pictures.

However, we know there are more out there!!

The more pictures we post the more the ECB pay us*! 

So if you could have a quick look through your phones/polaroids/pinhole cameras and send them in through Facebook, Twitter, email or by post please get them in!!

Can you make sure they are of the 2016 season and suitable for the website... Although we have had complaints that any pictures of Matt Parker are unsuitable!(?)

Thanks for your photos and do keep sending them in! 




*This fact may be false

14 Nov 2016 : Looking Back
Looking Back

Good Afternoon fellow Greenie!

End of Season Report from The Green:

Another cricket season has come and gone.  It will be remembered as a very challenging year at times, both on and off the cricket pitch, but overall we end the season with a positive spirit.

On the field, the 1st XI achieved a comfortable mid table position in Two Counties Division 5. The results for the 2nd XI Two Counties side were affected by the cancellation of half of their games and the league position suffered accordingly. The Sunday XI were regularly punching above their weight but rose to the challenge, playing competitively and delivering some good performances to maintain their Division 1 standing.

Notable team performance of the season would go to the Sunday XI’s immense victory over the Essex-Giants Colchester. Alongside games against very strong opponents in the North Essex Cricket League this performance is something the club and players will not forget.

Award winners at the end of the season saw the following trophy winners:

1st XI Batsman of the Year    Stephen Nunn

1st XI Bowler of the Year        Jack Smith

1st Xl Performance of the Year     Stephen Nunn

1st XI Player of the Year          Stephen Nunn

2nd XI Batsman of the Year    Matt Norris

2nd XI Bowler of the Year        Jonathan Purser

2nd  Xl Performance of the Year      Matt Norris

2nd XI Player of the Year          Jens Wair

Sunday XI Batsman of the Year    Keith Hammond

Sunday XI Bowler of the Year        Matt Parker 

Sunday Performance of the Year    Matt Murray 

Sunday Player of the Year          James Parker


Clubman of the Year   Penny Lovejoy


The Ladies team struggled (winning only one game) but they remained enthusiastic throughout the entire season and put in many creditable performances. 

Three of the current U15 colts have moved up to play in the senior sides this year alongside many of the Club’s former colts and we look forward to continuing the development of many more of the youth players in the coming seasons. The Club’s home-grown coaches have made an enormous contribution this season, providing invaluable help with Youth match management as well as the training and development of players. 

Off the field, the Club was delighted to receive a grant from EWCT supported by Waitrose to replace kitchen appliances and outdoor furniture.  Thanks to some lovely weather towards the end of the season, we had plenty of opportunity to put them all to good use. On a hot day in August, we welcomed the village Friendship Club for afternoon tea while the Essex Police Veterans took on the home side.

As the season came to a close, the Club celebrated the unveiling of a new bench (installed by Boo Cant) near the boundary of the cricket pitch, in memory of Pat and Harry Hammond.  They had lived at Porters Cottages since 1958 and were great lovers of the cricket club. Not only did Pat help with the teas but they were both regular supporters at both home and away matches through the years. The bench was donated and unveiled by Colin and Keith, and sits on what was Pat and Harry’s favourite spot for watching their sons and grandsons play cricket.. Current players Alastair, Keith & Alex were present with other family and friends for the unveiling of the bench.

A big thankyou to everyone who has been apart of the club over the past season.Whether you've played every game of the season or just come up for a drink, your support has been extremely appreciated by all and without you all the club would not be like it is today. So thank you and we hope you continue to support us for many seasons to come.

Eight Ash Green Cricket Club

13 Nov 2016 : EAGCC Annual General Meeting NEXT SATURDAY

The club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) takes place at the pavilion at 10.00 on Saturday 19th November.   There are two parts to the AGM:  first a quick review of the current season (mainly for charity reporting purposes) then more detailed planning of next season.   The second part is vital and members’ contribution is essential.   Three Items we’d like members' thoughts on are …

  1. Election of Youth Chairman – hands-off role, planning and supporting team managers.
  2. Proposal of Director of Cricket / Club Coach – possible new role to maintain technical progress.
  3. Discussion of Parish Council Lease issue – update on development and options on how to proceed. 

It’s hard to imagine that we will be playing cricket again in just five months’ time and we have a lot of work to do before then.  Your input will be vital.  Teas, coffees and bacon roils will also be provided.   The heating will be on but bring a coat just in case! 

See you next Saturday.  

Richard Parker 
El Presidente

07 Nov 2016 : We Need Your Photos!

Good afternoon fellow greenies.

In an attempt to stay up to date and relevant our 2016 photo album has been updated and we ask if other members would like to contribute they can!

Merely all you have to do is either drop us a message or comment on this with your picture and they will be up on the 'webby' in no time. A short description and who's in the photo would be very helpful as well.


Thank You ALL


28 Oct 2016 : Date of 2016 AGM



Please note the date, time and location of the Club's 2016 AGM

Agenda detail and minutes of the 2015 AGM are below.


Anyone wishing to stand for an office needs to inform Neil Brinded Hon. Sec (by e-mail neilbrinded@totalise.co.uk) by Sat 5th Nov.

(i.e. 14 days in advance of the meeting).


EAGCC:  Annual General Meeting:  Sat. 19th November 2016

at the Pavilion, 10.00am






  1. Apologies for absence



  2. Minutes of 2015 AGM (attached)



  1. Matters Arising



  2. Chairman’s Report



  3. Secretary’s Report



  4. Treasurer’s Report



  5. Child Welfare Officer’s Report



  6. Election of Officers



  7. New membership category – family membership




  8. AOB







EAG CC: Minutes of AGM held at the Pavilion:  07/11/15 at 10.00am



N. Brinded,  R. Parker, B. Nunn, L. Keeble, P. Lovejoy, S. Lovejoy, R. Polley, H. Nunn, C.

Lovejoy, M. Parker.



A. Hammond, P. Johnson. P. O’Donnell, D. Stovell, S. Nunn


Minutes of Previous AGM: 

These were accepted unanimously.  (proposed, Richard Polley: seconded, Richard Parker)


Matters Arising

None. Any issues had been dealt with at the EGM of Feb. 2015.


Chairman’s Report: 

RP reported on a very successful season, both on and off the field, and in terms of money raised by the club. The full version is on the web-site.

The meeting expressed its thanks to RP for his guiding influence over the course of the season.


Secretary’s Report:  

Distributed separately. NB explained the changes to the TC and NECL for 2016.


Treasurer’s Report:

See separate report. The successful collection of subs. and impressive bar profits have turned around the club’s finances. The meeting expressed its thanks to all those involved in this. The figures still do not include £1200 of grant income which we should receive soon. There was a brief discussion on reviewing our insurance policy.


The meeting expressed its thanks to BN for all his work.

The accounts were approved, subject to final audit, unanimously by the meeting (proposed: B.Nunn, seconded: S. Lovejoy).

Subscription/match fees for 2016 will be based on the following costings (as for 2015):

Senior subs: £60, match fees £8

Juniors/students:  subs. £40, match fees £5

One-off payments: seniors £200, juniors/students: £100.

Social membership:  £2 per month (minimum)


Club Welfare Officer’s Report:

No report in the absence of PO.  There have been no issues this season.



Election of Officers:

Office                                       Name  

President                                 R. Parker  

Chairman                                 R. Polley                    

Secretary                                 N. Brinded                 

Treasurer                                 B. Nunn

Youth Chairman                     P. O’Donnell

Youth Secretary                      P. O’Donnell

Social Secretary                      T. Lissimore               

1st XI Captain (TC5)              A. Hammond 

2nd XI Captain (TC9S)            E. Lambert-Clarke

NECL Captain                        S. Nunn

Director of Senior Cricket      position to be reviewed                      

Bar Manager                           to be confirmed

Clubhouse Manager                M. Purser

Club Welfare Officer              P. O’Donnell              

Auditor                                   R. Girard

Other commitee members:      P. Lovejoy, D, Stovell, H. Nunn


All officers were proposed en bloc by C. Lovejoy, seconded by L. Keeble, and approved unanimously by the meeting.



Cricket week 2016:  week beginning Sat. 9th July


There being no other business, the meeting closed at 11.40am



25 Sep 2016 : Final Game Today

The final game of a long season takes place at Frinton this afternoon. 

If you want to pop down later there will be a few drinks available from El Presidente's mobile bar! 

See you later.  

07 Sep 2016 : Senior Awards Night - This Saturday

Don't miss out on the 2016 Awards Night that happens THIS SATURDAY featuring ...   

* Special offers on drinks !

* 2016 team & individual awards !

* Hot and cold food options !

* Unfunny speeches from team captains !

* Traditional team curry in town after !

The awards will start at 7pm sharp.  

Tickets £5.  All proceeds to club funds.

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